BlissCo Voluntary Recall- Cold Creek Kush and Green Kush Pre-Rolls

April 17th, 2019

BlissCo has issued a voluntary recall on two SKUs (listed below), as the labelled “THC/total THC (mg)” per pre-roll is incorrectly overstated. Blissco encourages any customers who may have concerns about the labelling discrepancy to contact the LDB’s Customer Care Centre to make return arrangements.

Lot #s BCLDB Sku # Product Description
1905001 1013275

Note: “THC/ Total THC (mg)” per pre-roll is not visible on the Cannabis Operations Wholesale website, and is only displayed on the retail selling unit packaging and inner container. The estimated THC/CBD % ranges, which were visible to you online at the time of purchase, remain accurate.

Summary of labelling error:

  • The “THC/total THC” information for Green Cush was printed 13.8mg/225.0mg per unit, instead of 6.9mg/ 112.5mg per unit, respectively.
  • The “THC/total THC” information for Cold Creek Cush was printed 8.95mg/229.0mg per unit, instead of 4.48mg/ 114.50mg per unit, respectively.


If you have any additional questions, or would like to arrange for a return of the impacted product, please contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-844-420-2227 or [email protected]

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