Privacy policy

The Province is committed to protecting your privacy.  Collection, use, disclosure and retention of information must comply with provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Information Management Act. Collected personal information will only be used by those authorized to fulfill the purpose for which it was originally collected or for a use consistent with that purpose. We do not disclose information to other public bodies or individuals except as authorized by law. We keep the information only for the length of time necessary to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was collected.

For further information about the collection and use of your personal information, please contact Information, Privacy and Access services at the Liquor Distribution Branch, 3383 Gilmore Way, Burnaby BC, V5G or call 604-252-7461.

BC Cannabis Wholesale Website

The Province recognizes the privacy concerns of visitors to this website and therefore advises visitors that the Internet is not a completely secure medium.

The LDB web server automatically collects a limited amount of information to facilitate the operation and security of the Website. Some of this information (e.g., browser type) does not identify who you are, while other information, such as your Internet domain name or Internet Provider (IP) address may identify you. The extent of personal identification depends, in large part, on the "naming standards" followed by your Internet service provider. The LDB may also use non-personal information to determine total number of visitors to the Website.

In regards to links provided by this Website to other websites, the LDB is not responsible for privacy practices of these websites. Please check the privacy policy of each website which you visit as they may be different from the LDB’s privacy policies. .

My LDB Account Privacy Notification 

The LDB is collecting your personal information to manage your user identity and access permissions for LDB applications and to receive, process, and send your orders for delivery. This information is being collected pursuant to section 26(c)of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you have any questions about the collection of your personal information please contact the Privacy Officer , BC Liquor Distribution Branch, 3383 Gilmore Way, Burnaby BC, V5G or call 604-252-7461.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that a website may transfer to an individual computer's hard drive or distribute to web browsers to assist the user upon return to specific areas on the site. The LDB uses cookies (session cookies) on this Website to assist the user upon return to the specific areas on the Website (e.g. product search preferences, for the period of time that the user stays on the site). Once the user closes the browser the session cookies are removed. The LDB does not use cookies to retrieve information other than the information that was originally sent in a cookie. If you have concerns about this, you can change your web browser to disable cookies completely, or you can selectively delete the cookies currently stored in the browser. 

Your Business Information

By registering as a Private Cannabis Retailer and submitting electronic orders you will be providing the LDB with business information about you and the product you wish to purchase. The LDB will keep a record of this information so that the LDB can fulfill your order and otherwise respond to your request via email including by providing you with a confirmation of your order, updates on your order and producing an invoice/shipping documents for the order being delivered to you. The payment information you have provided to the LDB will be used to process the payment for your orders. If you have any questions regarding the payment information you have provided to the LDB, please contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-833-420-2227.The LDB keeps records related to the sale of all products in the province, by SKU, including sales of product by SKU to specific wholesale customers. 

Registration information for Private Cannabis Retailers is considered business information and not personalinformation. The LDB generally will treat your business information as confidential but mayshare your business information, including products you have purchased, with other publicbodies or other entities (including Liquor Cannabis Regulation Licensing Branch, Consumer Taxation,Canada Revenue Agency) that need or use the information in operating their programs, inaccordance with Information Sharing Agreements.  Under the Information Sharing Agreements, the entities to whom the LDB transfers information agree to comply with legally requiredinformation sharing standards and agree to use the information only for the purposes disclosedat the time the information was collected or for a use consistent with that purpose.