Update to minimum retail price policy

February 4th, 2020

An amendment has been made (effective immediately) to the Cannabis Licensing Regulation regarding minimum retail pricing of non-medical cannabis. See below for details:

Previous Policy: A cannabis retail store licensee is required to sell non-medical cannabis at a price no lower than the wholesale price they paid to the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) to purchase the non-medical cannabis.

New Policy: The minimum retail price that a cannabis retail store licensee can sell non-medical cannabis is either the wholesale price they paid to the LDB to purchase the non-medical cannabis or the current LDB wholesale price, whichever is lower.

Explanation: The Province aims to develop and implement a progressive and balanced regulatory environment for non-medical cannabis and believes this adjustment reflects the expectations of cannabis retail store licensees and consumers. The amended regulation will give cannabis retail store licensees the option to price-match other stores that may have purchased their inventory at a different wholesale price from the LDB.

Further Information: Further information regarding liquor and cannabis control and licensing in British Columbia is available on the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch website at http://www.gov.bc.ca/liquorregulationandlicensing

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch toll free in Canada at 1-866-209-2111 or 250 952-5787 if calling from the Victoria area.

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