What products can I buy from the LDB?

How do I become a wholesale customer?

If you want to sell non-medical cannabis in British Columbia, you first need to get a retail store licence. The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) is responsible for licensing and regulating private non-medical cannabis retail stores and applicants must apply through the cannabis licensing application portal, located on the LCRB’s website.

Once I receive my private retail store licence, what is the next step?

Once the LCRB has issued your cannabis retail store licence, you will be required to register for PST with the Ministry of Finance. Following that, you must register with BC Cannabis Wholesale which takes one to three business days.Upon completion you will be able to access the wholesale product assortment and begin ordering product for your store.

Note: you cannot register with BC Cannabis Wholesale until your licence has been issued by the LCRB and you have received your PST number from the Ministry of Finance.

Is there a cap on the number of cannabis retail licenses in BC?

The province is not capping the number of licences issued. However, local governments have the authority to make decisions based on the needs of their communities. For more information, please contact the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch.

What information do I need to provide as part of the BC Cannabis Wholesale customer registration process?

You are required to provide your legal business name, business number, cannabis retail store licence, PST number, phone number, address, shipping address, and email address. You also need to provide the name and address of your financial institution, transit number, and account number.

Wholesale customers are also required to agree to the terms and conditions set out in the Private Retailer Website Use Terms, Private Retailer Purchase Terms and Conditions, and PAD Agreement and Privacy Terms.

A copy of a void cheque must be emailed to our Finance Team.

If I am an LDB liquor wholesale customer, can I use my existing account to register my private retail cannabis store?

No. All cannabis retailers are required to complete the registration process specific to the BC Cannabis Wholesale business. If you are a registered LDB liquor wholesale customer, a unique email address will need to be created for your cannabis account before you will be able to register as a wholesale customer for non-medical cannabis.

Once I am registered with BC Cannabis Wholesale, how do I order product for my store?

All licensed wholesale customers order product online through the BC Cannabis Wholesale website at: www.bccannabiswholesale.com.

Retailers obtain access to the wholesale website upon receiving their cannabis retail store licence from the LCRB, and completing the BC Cannabis Wholesale customer registration process.

What products are available from the wholesale website?

Subject to availability, the wholesale product assortment includes dried cannabis flower, pre-rolls, seeds, edibles {soft chews, chocolates, cookies, mints and beverages}, extracts (both ingestible {oils and capsules} and inhalable {vape cartridges, shatter, wax}), and topicals {balms, bath products, lotions}. Please note that private retailers are responsible for procuring their own range of non-medical cannabis accessories.

What type of packaging does the product come in?

Wholesale cannabis products are pre-packaged in ready-to-sell formats (no bulk products) and are labelled in compliance with federal standards. Retailers are not authorized to re-package the product with their own branding.

Can I operate an online store?

The LDB, as the public retailer, is the only entity permitted to sell non-medical cannabis online in British Columbia.

Can I order cannabis product directly from a licensed producer?

Wholesale customers are not authorized to purchase cannabis directly from a federally licensed cannabis producers. Private retailers must obtain their product assortment from BC Cannabis Wholesale

How much is the wholesale mark-up?

The LDB applies a 15% mark-up on the landed cost of cannabis distributed throughout the province to retail stores.. All cannabis retailers, including BC Cannabis Stores, purchase cannabis at a common wholesale price. Additional shipping costs are applied to all orders. Retailers are prohibited from pricing cannabis products below the wholesale price.

Whom do I contact at the LDB if I have questions or issues?

The Business Customer Care Centre is available to answer questions or assist with issues. They can be contacted by calling 1-833-420-2227 or via email: [email protected]

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