Pricing for retailers

The figures below represent the average minimum and maximum prices of non-medical cannabis, within the individual product categories. These values include the federal excise tax and 15% LDB wholesale mark-up.

Please note these figures are based on average wholesale product prices before any applicable taxes and shipping charges are applied. In addition, these prices will fluctuate over time as additional licensed producers enter the marketplace, and according to product availability from licensed producers.   

This pricing summary is intended to support private retailers as they enter the marketplace.

Specific LDB wholesale pricing information will be made available to private retailers once they have received licensing from the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch and have completed the LDB wholesale registration process.

Last updated:
January 2nd  2020

Average WSP

Range Min

Range Max

Dried Flower

Per gram

Per gram

Per gram

1 gram




3.5 gram




7 gram




15 gram





Per gram

Per gram

Per gram

0.5 gram




1 gram




1.5 gram




2 gram




2.5 gram




Oils and Sprays

Per ml

Per ml

Per ml

15-20 ml




30+ ml





Per capsule

Per capsule

Per capsule

15 capsules




30 capsules





Per seed

Per seed

Per seed

4 seeds

Out Of Stock



LDB applies a 15% mark-up on the landed cost of cannabis distributed throughout the province to public and private retail stores and the online wholesale store. All cannabis retailers, including public stores, purchase cannabis at a common wholesale price. Retailers are required to pay the cost of shipping product from the LDB warehouse to their retail outlet.

Retailers can apply any retail mark-up to their product assortment, provided the final retail price is not lower than the wholesale price.