Wholesale product returns

1.0 Purpose

To specify the circumstances in which a product purchased by a wholesale customer may be accepted for return by the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) Cannabis Distribution Centre.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to all cannabis products and accessories distributed by the Liquor Distribution Branch and purchased by its wholesale customers, including British Columbia Cannabis Stores (BCCS) retail locations, the BCCS online store, and private licensed cannabis retail stores.

3.0 Definitions

Cannabis Accessory:

Having the same meaning as prescribed by Section 2 of the Cannabis Act.

Cannabis Product:

All classes of non-medical cannabis listed in Schedule 4 of the Cannabis Act and distributed by the LDB.

Concealed Defect:

A defect that cannot be discovered without opening the package of the retail selling unit.

Visible Defect:

A defect that may be discovered without opening the package of the retail selling unit.

Defective Product:                                         

A cannabis product or accessory which is:

  1. ‘Short-dated’ at the time of distribution. Specifically, shipped to a wholesale customer less than one (1) month before any “best before” or “expiry” date and discovered by the wholesale customer within 15 days of delivery, or;

  2. Deemed not fit for use or consumption, including due to the presence of mould, fungus, or another foreign contaminant, or;

  3. Discovered with a Visible Defect by the wholesale customer and reported to LDB Cannabis Operations within 15 days of delivery, or;

  4. Discovered with a Concealed Defect and reported to LDB Cannabis Operations within 90 days of delivery to the wholesale customer.

Mis-shipped Product:                                       

Any Cannabis Product or Cannabis Accessory delivered in error to a wholesale customer.

The product must be in a salable condition and be reported by the wholesale customer to LDB Cannabis Operations within 15 days of delivery.

Recalled Product:                                            

Any product whose recall has been ordered in accordance with the Product Recall policy.

Exempted Product:

Any product meeting any of the following three product definitions:

  1. Defective Product;
  2. Mis-Shipped Product, or;
  3. Recalled Product.

Saleable Product:

Unless otherwise noted, includes both Cannabis Product and Cannabis Accessories which:

  1. Have not passed any relevant (if any) expiry or best before date(s);
  2. Are in their original condition and packaging unit, and unopened, with all original seals and labels intact (including the excise stamp, if applicable), and;
  3. Have no visible defects or tampering.

4.0 Policy

  • All sales of any Cannabis Product or Cannabis Accessory by the LDB Cannabis Distribution Centre to any wholesale customer shall be considered final, except those defined as an Exempted Product by this policy.
  • Cannabis Accessory and cartridge defects discovered after more than 15 days of sale to the end consumer but within an applicable manufacturer warranty period, must be directed to the manufacturer.
  • Returns of an Exempted Product must only be accepted from the original purchaser of the items and credit will only be applied to the account of the original purchaser.
  • The process for requesting the return of an Exempted Product is as follows:
  1. The wholesale customer files a request to return with the Customer Care Centre (CCC) at businesscustomercarecentre@bcldb.com or by phone at 1-833-420-2227;
  2. A representative from the CCC reviews the request and issues a Return of Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for the particular product, provided it meets the definition of an Exempted Product;
  3. The CCC will arrange transport of the items to the LDB Cannabis Distribution Centre, and;
  4. Upon receipt, LDB Cannabis Distribution Centre staff will confirm the item meets the conditions of an Exempted Product and informs CCC that a credit may be issued, and CCC will advise the customer accordingly.

5.0 References     

Cannabis Product Recall Policy