Supplier information and registration


Welcome to the Liquor Distribution Branch's supplier registration page. On this page you will find the necessary information and instructions to successfully register your company as a supplier of non-medical cannabis and/or cannabis accessories.

Product registration is only open to licensed producers and products that have been selected for the initial BC wholesale assortment. The plan for future product calls will be communicated at a later date.

The Liquor Distribution Branch is asking all suppliers to complete the vendor registration process as soon as possible.

Prior to making your submission, please use the checklist on the first page. Carefully review all instructions, ensure you’ve met all specifications and requirements and that the submissions are complete.

We look forward to working with you as we take the next steps together in this developing industry. 

Download files

General information and instructions

Access and download the documents featured within each of the sections on this website. Carefully follow each set of instructions and the naming convention specified for each document. Documents not named correctly will not be accepted.

Use the submission checklist below to ensure you have completed all of the required documents before submitting them the LDB.


Supplier Agreement

When completing this document, please ensure you fully complete the following:

  • Your organization’s legal name (page 1);
  • Contact information in Section 20;
  • Signatory information below the signature block; and
  • Scan and save the document as a PDF and rename the file following the naming convention ‘LP Name_Supplier Agreement_Date’

File: Licensed_Producer_Supply_Agreement_091318.pdf

Non-medical cannabis vendor registration form and supporting documents

Access and complete the form below. You can enter information for two sites in the form.If you have more than two sites and associated Health Canada licenses, please print and attach additional forms.

Include scanned copies of CRA excise license and Health Canada license(s).

File naming: Save the form(s) and supporting document scans as follows:<LPname_VendorReg_DDMMYYYY> 

Submission: Email to [email protected]

File: Non-medical_Cannabis_Registration_Form.pdf

Direct deposit application

Access and complete the form below

  • Accurately complete the Direct Deposit Application form (please leave the vendor number field blank).
  • Check the box for ‘INITIATE Direct Deposit Payments to the above account’.
  • Have an authorized vendor representative sign and date the form
  • Attach a scan of a void cheque (recommended) OR have your financial institution validate the accuracy of the information for EFT remittance purposes. Proof of validation in the form of a stamp and signature from the financial institution are required in the absence of a void cheque.

File naming: Scan and save this form as <LPname_DD_EFT_DDMMYYYY>

Submission: Email to [email protected]

File: Direct_Deposit_Application_Form.pdf

GS1 product registration output file

If you have not already done so, obtain your product barcodes and register your products and associated attributes through GS1 Canada

Save and submit the GS1 Canada product attribute output file in an Excel readable file format.

File naming: Save this form as <LPname__GTINcode_GS1_DDMMYYYY>

Submission: Email to [email protected]

BCLDB product attribute file

Access and complete the form below.

  • Complete a row for each product that is being registered.
  • Pricing is required at the inner pack and master pack (case) level. Specify the pricing components as listed (supplier product cost and applicable excise tax).
  • The total Inner pack/master pack price paid by BCLDB to the licensed producer will be displayed in a calculated cell. Make sure pricing is consistent with the prices agreed to with BCLDB in Appendix A of the Memorandum of Understanding that you received in June/July.

Description and accolade guidelines:

  • Content should not contain medical claims
  • Do not use slang or offensive language
  • Content should be written in a style that appeals to adults (not minors)

NOTE: BCLDB will reject content that fails to comply with guidelines and product registration will not be completed.

File naming: Save and submit this form as <LPname_BCLDB_attributes_DDMMYYYY> in an Excel readable file format.

Submission: Email to [email protected] 

File: LP_Cannabis_Attributes_Template_v3.xlsx

Product images (to BCLDB specifications) of each product being registered

Image specifications

Images should accurately reflect actual product and packaging. Specifications for product images are available via the below download.

Note the specific instructions for the product sub-categories, including:

  • Flower
  • Pre-roll
  • Seeds
  • Oil (bottle/drops, capsule, oil other)

NOTE: BCLDB will not make any changes or edits to submitted content and may reject photography that fails to comply with guidelines.

  • Images should accurately reflect actual product and packaging
  • Images should be in the format, resolution and naming convention as shown in the guidelines

Submission:The Liquor Distribution Branch has developed a simple and secure method for uploading your product photographs and GS1 documents to complete the vendor registration process. If you have not received the detailed instructions and secure link, please contact the LDB's vendor relations team via email at [email protected]


Supply chain requirements for cannabis

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch's cannabis supply chain requirements document provides important information for suppliers of non-medical cannabis to the LDB about:

  • Purchase orders
  • Appointments
  • Delivery paperwork
  • Barcode standards
  • Pallet standards
  • Shipping case standards
  • Retail selling unit standards



Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have a question about the vendor registration process.

If the answer to your question is not available in the FAQ, please direct all queries to the BC Liquor Distribution Branch's cannabis vendor relations team at [email protected].

 Additional resources

File: Cannabis_Product_Change_Form_v2.pdf

Cannabis Products Policies

File: BCLDB_THCandCBD_Declaration_Guidelines_v2_1.pdf

Provincial recycling responsibilities

Under the British Columbia Recycling Regulation, in order to sell or distribute products with packaging and/or distribute paper that makes its way into the residential waste stream (e.g. curbside “blue box”) in British Columbia, producers must have an approved Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Plan.

The following document outlines details of British Columbia's recycling requirements: Provincial_Recycling_Responsibilities.pdf